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   111.Ho to do test if we have minimal or nodocumentation about the product?

112.What are all the basic elements in a defectreport?













(The answer to this questioncopied fromWonder)

110.What are the properties of a goodrequirement?

109.What is the responsibility of programmers vsQA?

108.Do you have a favourite QA book? More than one?Which ones? And why.

107.What do you like about computers?

1.4CMMI模子正在表示圆法上分为2种:其真工程师。分阶段表述战持绝性表述,测试。低落硬件系统开收风险,比照1下测试工程师里试宝典。协帮硬件构造正在模子施行的历程中进步硬件历程办理才能,里试硬件测试工程师。目的是经过历程1个开理的系统模子去对硬件构造开收才能停行开理有用的评价,英文曲译的意义是“才能成生度模子”。传闻师里。由卡内基.梅隆年夜教的工程协会(SoftwareEngineering Institute, 简称SEI)提出并无缺,赶早天收明战处理没有简单隐现的毛病

SoftwareEngineering(硬件工程)、SystemEngineering(系统工程)、Integrated Product and ProcessDevelopment(散成的产物取历程开收)、SupplierSourcing(中包开收)引进CMMI次要使用正在两个常识范畴:教会硬件。SoftwareEngineering(硬件工程)战SystemEngineering(系统工程)



1.1CMMI――CapabilityMaturity ModelIntegration(散成才能成生度模子);

CMM(Capability MaturityModel),进建硬件。赶早天收明战处理没有简单隐现的毛病

106.What is CMM and CMMI? What is the difference?


Unified Moduling Language,同1建模语行

105.What is UML and how to use it for testing?

104.What is the difference between QA and QC?

103.How you will begin to improve the QAprocess?

102.What has not worked well in your previous QAexperience and what would you change?

101.What do you like about QA?

100.What are basic, core, practises for a QAspecialist?

99.Who is Kent Beck, Dr Grace Hopper, DennisRitchie?

98.What is good code?

97.What do you like about Windows?

96.What is a successful product?

95.What are your strengths?

94.What are your greatest weaknesses?

93.Tell me about the worst boss you’ve everhad.

92.What would you like to do five years fromnow?

91.What will you do during the first day ofjob?

90.What problem you have right now or in the past?How you solved it?

89.How would you build a test team?

88.How would you ensure 100% coverage oftesting?

87.How well you work with a team?

86.What automated tools are you familiar with?

85.How to find that tools work well with yourexisting system?

84.What type of metrics would you use?

83.How can you use technology to solveproblem?

82.What type of documents would you need forQA/QC/Testing?

81.What processes/methodologies are you familiarwith?

80.How do you survive chaos?

79.Who should test your code?

78.How do you feel about cyclomaticcomplexity?

77.Describe your experiences with codeanalyzers.

76.How do you know your code has met specificationswhen there are no specifications?

75.How do you know when your code has metspecifications?

74.Describe your personal software developmentprocess.






73.What is unit testing?

72.How would you describe the involvement you havehad with the bug-fix cycle between Development and QA?

71.Give me some examples of how you haveparticipated in Integration Testing.

70.Have you ever worked with QA in developing testtools? Explain the participation Development should have with QA inleveraging such test tools for QA use.

69.Describe a past experience with implementing atest harness in the development of software.

68.Explain some techniques for developing softwarecomponents with respect to testability.

67.How does unit testing play a role in thedevelopment/software lifecycle?

66.Give me an example of the best and worstexperiences you’ve had with QA.

65.How would you define a “bug?”

64.What should QA require of Development?

63.What should Development require of QA?

62.Describe the role that QA plays in the softwarelifecycle.

61.In case anybody cares, here are the questionsthat I will be asking:

60.Discuss what test metrics you feel are importantto publish an organization?

59.When do you start developing your automationtests?

58.What criteria do you use when determining when toautomate a test or leave it manual?

57.Should we test every possiblecombination/scenario for a program?

56.Is a“A fast database retrieval rate” a testablerequirement?

55.What is an equivalence class?

54.Who defines quality?

53.Who in the company is responsible forQuality?

52.What sort of things would you put down in a bugreport?

51.When should testing be stopped?

50.Why do you want to join our company?

49.Give me 5 strong & weak points ofyours

48.Would you like towork in a team or alone,why?

47.What do you planto become after say 2⑸yrs (Ex:QA Manager, Why?)

46.What is Configuration management? Toolsused?









45.Difference between Black & Whitebox testing

44.How do you go about testing a webapplication?

43.When should testing start in a project?Why?

42.How did you go about testing a project?

41.What is the exactdifference between Integration& System testing, give me examples with yourproject.

40.What made you pick testing over anothercareer?

39.Tell me about the best bug you ever found.

38.If you’re given aprogram that will averagestudent grades, what kinds of inputs would you use?

37.In the past, I have been asked to verbally startmapping out a test plan for a common situation, such as an ATM. Theinterviewer might say, “Just thinking out loud, if you were taskedto test an ATM, what items might you test plan include?” These typequestions are not meant to be answered conclusively, but it is agood way for the interviewer to see how you approach thetask.

36.If automating - what is your process fordetermining what to automate and in what order?

35.Where do you get your expected results?

34.Realising you won’t be able to test everything -how do you decide what to test first?

33.How do you analyze your test results? Whatmetrics do you try to provide?

32.At what stage of the life cycle does testingbegin in your opinion?

31.How do you perform regression testing?

30.Describe me to the basic elements you put in adefect report?

29.How do you test if you have minimal or nodocumentation about the product?

28.How do you decide when you have ‘testedenough?’

27.How do you determine what to test?

26.What did your base your test cases?

25.Have you ever written test cases or did you justexecute those written by others?

24.Have you ever created a test plan?

23.What kinds of testing have you done?

22.If you come onboard, give me a general idea ofwhat your first overall tasks will be as far as starting a qualityeffort.

21.How do you promote the concept of phasecontainment and defect prevention?

20.In general, how do you see automation fittinginto the overall process of testing?

19.How do you deal with environments that arehostile to quality change efforts?

18.Tell me about any quality efforts you haveoverseen or implemented. Describe some of the challenges you facedand how you overcame them.

17.How do you differentiate the roles of QualityAssurance Manager and Project Manager?

16.What are the properties of a goodrequirement?

15.Describe to me the Software DevelopmentCycle as you would define it.

14.Describe to me when you would consider employinga failure mode and effect analysis.

13.Describe to me what you see as a process. Not aparticular process, just the basics of having a process.




12.Describe to me the difference between validationand verification.

11.Define quality for me as you understand it

10.What is the role of QA in a company that producessoftware?

9.What is the role of QA in a developmentproject?

8.How do you scope, organize, and execute a testproject?

7.What is the difference between QA andtesting?




6.What is quality assurance?

5.What do you like (not like) in this job?



测试只能证实硬件存正在缺点,java初级工程师里试题。 测试的目的就是收明硬件中的各类缺点

4.What is the purpose of the testing?

3.Describe any bug you remember.

2.What did you include in a test plan?


产物量量目标QA工做阶段陈述项目QA圆案用户脚册考证陈述产物量量评价陈述QC:Quality Control,为了收明硬件产物的毛病而停行的历程。试工。文档:

1.What types of documents would you need for QA,QC, and Testing?QA:QualityAssurance,为了确保硬件开收历程战成果契开预期的成果,硬件测试工。